I am purrsian Himalayan
cream point.
I’m 3 years old, my purrday
is April 14 and OMG my last
purrday was a Hello Kitty
theme!!! I had a BLAST!
So many purrrsents!
EVERYWHERE! I mean seriously
when you have the shopping purrblem that I have you look under the rocks fur
good fashion and sales! I must admit that 99% of my clothes are fur dogs,
so I get really pissed when I see clothes with bones, etc., because
I can't wear them!
Of course it doesn't! I don't do ANYTHING that I don't want to do!
I have been wearing clothes since
I can remember, guys, and I do all my kitty activities with my dress on, kitty box, jump, etc... Sometimes purrsons get worried and say that PETA should save me or something like that, but HONESTLY I am purrrfectly fine. Just because I don't go naked like other cats, means that there is something wrong with me... Some dogs hate clothes and they chew them off! It's because they are not used to them-- it's the same with us, FUR REAL!
I use a FAB product call Eye Envy, can't live without it! It is like the
Botox fur the housewives of Beverly Hills A MUST HAVE! Here is
a link to their site